How do I access my Market settings?


Adjust the settings of your Market domain listings, including sales preferences, domain defaults, and earnings. Existing customers have linked their account to the Uniregistry Market account will automatically have their sales and parking preferences applied in the Market.

How to access Market settings 

1.  Log in to your account at using the ‘Log In/Sign Up’ button in the upper-right corner of the homepage.Login-page-updated-Uniregistry-1-800x440.png 
2.  Click on the ‘Market’ drop-menu at the top of the page and select ‘Market Options’.
Market Settings Options 
Select options from the left-hand menu to configure your Market account settings.
Market Profile - Public & Private Contact
Set and manage your contact data in the Market.
Enter the information you wish to be visible to your buyers.  A name and phone number are required but if you don't want your phone number visible, just enter 00.
Next, enter the best contact information for our brokers to reach you when inquiries on your domains come in.
Ensure your complete and updated contact information is entered here so we can verify your account, domain ownership and/or contact you when inquiries come through our brokerage team. 
Set your earnings profile here to determine how you wish to be paid by Uniregistry. 
  • Earnings displayed are for domain sales only and do not currently reflect parking. 
Domain Defaults
Manage the default settings for new domains being added to the Market including the minimum offer figure, the sales method, auto-responder and landing page type.
These settings are applied automatically when a domain is added to the Market. Existing domains in your Market account are not affected by changes made here.
Sales Preferences
Manage the sales preferences for your Market domains such as automatically assigning old leads to our brokerage team and the time a price is valid for. 
Syndication lists all of your Market domains with our sales partners. Any leads originating from syndication incur a 20% commission fee.
Buyer email confirmation sends a verification link by email to the buyer which must be clicked before their inquiry is moved to your Inbox (unverified leads are stored in the archive).
Settings are applied automatically when a domain is added to the Market.  Existing domains in your Market account are not affected.
Transaction Defaults
Set the default payment methods available for your buyers.
Uniregistry Secure Exchange - Uniregistry's internal transaction system - secures payment from the buyer, secures the domain from the seller and then actions the exchange.  It's the fastest, easiest way for your buyers to checkout with the lowest transaction fees.
Enabling wire transfer / account balance incurs the system transaction fee* to the seller.  Required for transactions over $5k.  May take 2-3 days for the buyer to complete checkout when sending payment by wire. 
Enabling Credit Card / Paypal incurs the instant payment transaction fee** to the seller but allows the buyer to check out immediately. Only available for sales up to $5000. Sellers can adjust their pricing to account for the fee if they wish. - 3rd party escrow service is also available for integrated checkout.  Subject to fees. The transaction occurs outside of the Uniregistry platform.
*3% of sales price up to $5000 plus .3% of any amount over $5000 (subject to change)
**3.88% (subject to change)
Parking Service
Parking Service customers* can manage their parking settings here.
Settings are applied automatically when a domain is added to the Market.  Existing domains are not affected.
*If you are not a parking customer, click here to learn more about applying. Integration
Setup and link an account to your Uniregistry account for integrated checkout.
Negotiation Templates 
Draft customizable templates to provide more personal responses to your leads. 
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