How do I transfer domain names to Uniregistry?

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Steps to transfer domains to Uniregistry


1.  Prepare your domains for transfer.

Ensure all the domain names to be transferred are unlocked at the current registrar and that you have the transfer authorization / EPP codes ready.

  • You may need to request a file with the names and codes be sent to you by your registrar.
  • Some registrars impose a 60-day lock on domains after a contact update so don't make any changes to the registrant data. If you think your name may be locked, talk to your registrar and ask how it can be released.


2.  Log in.

Log in to your account at by clicking the ‘LOG IN’ button in the upper-right corner of the homepage.



3.  Click ‘Transfer’ from the menu at the top of the page. 



4.  Create a transfer job.

Select ‘Create New Transfer’ from the left-hand menu.

Enter or paste the list of domains you want to transfer, one per line, into the text box. Include authorization codes if you have them, separated by a comma. If you don't have them now you can add them later.

Click ‘Continue’.

Each domain that you would like to transfer will require a transfer authorization code (or EPP code), which you will need to obtain from the current registrar.




 5.  Confirm the registrant contact data and privacy settings.

 Review the default contact to be used as the registrant for the domain(s) being transferred in.

  • Privacy is enabled by default.

Select 'Extra Privacy with Privacy.Link' to enable Uniregistry proxy registrant data.


Click the 'WHOIS Privacy' toggle to disable privacy. 

*Your personal registrant data will be visible in the public WHOIS database.

Review your settings

Click 'Continue'.


Click ‘Change Contacts’ to select a different address from your address book or create a new one. If your selected address hasn’t been verified, you will be prompted to verify it before proceeding. 



6.  You can enter a descriptive name for your transfer job if you would like and review the list of domains to transfer in. Click ‘Begin Transfer’ to initiate your transfer request.



 7.  Ensure the domain is unlocked at the current registrar and the auth code is correct. Then select ‘Resolution Center’ from the left-hand menu in your account and click ‘Begin Transfer’.



A successful transfer requires the domain to be unlocked and have a valid authorization code, before payment can be authorized and the transfer finally initiated. You will receive notifications by email about any outstanding issues and you can visit the transfer ‘Resolution Center’ in the left hand menu of the ‘Transfer’ page at any time to identify and resolve any issues preventing your transfer from being successfully initiated.




8.  Click ‘Confirm Transfer’ to submit the transfer job.



9.  Select the Payment Profile to be used for payment. Your default payment profile will already be selected; if you would like to use a different payment profile hover your mouse over the profile and click ‘Change’ to choose a new payment method or create one.

Click ‘Process Payment’ to submit your completed transfer request.



Additional Info

  • Transferring from GoDaddy?  Click here to release your domain(s) immediately.
  • The use of FOA transfer verification emails has been terminated for most gTLD's.  Some ccTLD's still use FOA's in the transfer process.

  • Any outstanding issues will be identified in your transfer ‘Resolution Center’ in the left-hand menu of the ‘Transfer’ page.

  • The transfer process can take anywhere from 1 to 5 days once the transfer is submitted.

  • You or the registrant may receive a link by email from the current/losing registrar to expedite the transfer process.

  • Domains must be at least 60 days old to be transferred away from their current registrar. If a domain is ‘too young’ for transfer, you will see this noted in your ‘Resolution Center’ and you must then wait the full 60 days from the date of creation and resubmit your transfer.

  • You will not be charged unless the transfer is successful.

  • Payments are authorized when the transfer job is submitted but you are not charged until the domain(s) successfully transfers into your account. If a transfer is canceled, your payment authorization will not be processed but your bank may hold the funds for a few days before releasing them. Please contact your bank in regards to any held funds.

  • Most transfers add a year to the current registration expiration date.

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