How do I access the Uniregistry Market?

Buy, manage, and sell a domain in less than 60 seconds—that’s the magic of combining a premier domain sales service with the best registrar there is. No hassle, no complicated systems to learn.
Follow the steps below to activate your Market account.  Then add domains, configure your sales settings, activate parking if you wish, and your domains immediately have access to our award-winning sales platform.  It's like butter.


Steps to access the Uniregistry Market

1.  Log in to your account at by clicking the ‘Log In/Sign Up’ button in the upper-right corner of the homepage.Login page updated Uniregistry 1 

2.  Select ‘Market’ from the menu at the top of the page.

3. Read the ‘Uniregistry Registration Agreement’ and ‘Uniregistry Privacy Policy’. Check the box to agree to the terms of the Market, and click on the green ‘Get Started’ button. 

Market-setup-1If your Uniregistry account e-mail matches the e-mail address associated with a account, the accounts can be linked.
Linking accounts maintains all existing domain inquiries, sales setting, reports, etc. in the Market. 
Domain Name Sales Customers:
4a.  Click ‘Link my account’ if your DomainNameSales email address is the same as your Uniregistry account.
Alternatively, click ‘Use another DNS account’ to link a different DomainNameSales account to the Market.
If you want to create a new account using a different email address, that's fine too, jusy click 'Create New Account' but none of your settings from will be imported.
Market-setup-2Click  ‘Confirm’ to continue with the account link.Market-3
New Uniregistry Customers 
4b. New Uniregistry Market customers (without DomainNameSales accounts) click the ‘Create A New Account’ to provide details and confirm the new account link.Market-setup-6
5. Once the Market is enabled for the account, Public and Private Market profiles are required to be set up. Please fill out the contact information forms then click ‘Finish’.Market-setup-46. From here all Market users will be able to ‘Add domains’ or ‘View My Market Domains’.
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