Buy It Now (BIN) Transactions

A Buy It Now (BIN) transaction allows a buyer to purchase a domain name at a "Buy It Now" price that the seller has set. There are no negotiations on these types of transactions.

How do buyers purchase a "Buy It Now" domain?

If the seller has listed a domain name with a "Buy It Now" sales setting, the buyer will be presented with a "Buy It Now" button from the domains landing page. Once this button is clicked, our SSE system kicks in and the buyer will then be presented with our checkout process.


"Buy It Now" landing page




Checkout Process

Below is a brief overview of what the buyer sees when they initiate a "Buy It Now" transaction.


1. Create a Uniregistry account:


2. Checkout Summary:


3. Contact Summary:

Buy_It_Now__BIN__Transactions_-_Image_-_4.png4. Payment Options:


Once the payment has been secured, and the transfer has completed, the domain will end up in the buyer's Uniregistry account under their "Manage" tab from the top navigation menu.



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