Why did my purchase fail?


Transactions may fail for a number of reasons including:

  • There was a technical issue while communicating with the registry responsible for the specific extension.
  • IDN – The domain you attempted to register was an IDN. Uniregistry currently does not support IDN domain name(s) registrations. IDN stands for internationalized domain name and allows for characters in languages other than English.
  • There was a technical issue while communicating with your bank during credit card authorization.
  • Your credit card was flagged by our fraud-detection software.
  • Your credit card was declined.
  • You attempted to register a premium domain name that is not supported by Uniregistry at this time. Please visit our pricing page to view a list of extensions that we support and associated premium names.

If none of the above cases apply to your transaction or if you don’t know why your transaction failed, please contact our customer support department.  You can open a ticket with us from the account section after you have logged in.

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