How does Uniregistry process credit card payments?


Uniregistry processes credit card payments in a similar manner to other providers of online services. Credit card payments at Uniregistry occur in two stages. The first is the authorization of funds, and the second is the actual charge or ‘capture’.


Stage 1 – Authorization

Whenever an order is placed at Uniregistry, your credit card will first be authorized for the full amount of the order.  This authorization will show on your credit card statement but it’s really just a hold until your order is complete.


Stage 2 – 'Charge' or 'Capture'

We only process or 'capture'  the funds authorized in stage 1 when a domain name is registered, renewed or successfully transferred into your Uniregistry account.  We do not process failed transactions and invoices for failed transactions will show a final charge of $0.00.


What if my Uniregistry transaction Fails?

If for some reason, your registration, renewal, or transfer fails, the authorized funds from Stage 1 are not captured.  These funds will probably still be held by your bank for a few days or possibly even a few weeks. so contact them to inquire about having the funds released.  Your funds are not being held by Uniregistry and will be returned to you by your bank.

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