How do I fund my Uniregistry account balance?


Pre-funding your Uniregistry account balance makes it quick and easy to pay for your domain name purchases and renewals.  Add funds to your account balance in seconds using any of your instant payment profiles or set up a wire transfer to add funds directly from your bank account.

Select ‘Account Balance’ at checkout or set it as your default payment method.


Steps to enable and add funds to your Uniregistry account balance


1.  Log in to your account at by clicking the ‘Log In/Sign Up’ button in the upper-right corner of the home page.




If you haven’t used your account balance before, ensure it’s enabled.

2.  Click on the arrow next to ‘Account’ and select ‘Enable Account Balance’ from the drop-down menu.


Account Balance-Enable



3.  Click the ‘Set Address’ button.


Enable Account Balance 2




4.  Choose an address profile by either creating a new one or by selecting an existing one.  Click the ‘Select Address Profile’ button to continue.


Enable Account Balance 3-Select Address



5. Click the ‘Add Funds To Account’ button.


Account Balance-Add Funds




6.  Then choose your method of adding funds.  Select either ‘Wire Transfer’ to use your bank account or ‘Instant Payment’ to use your credit card or PayPal.


Fund account balance at Uniregistry_select method



To fund instantly with your credit card or PayPal account

Click on the ‘Instant Payment’ button and your default payment method will be automatically selected.  Fill in the amount to be added to your account and click the ‘Process Payment’ button.

  • If you wish to use a different credit card or Paypal account, hover your mouse over the profile and click ‘Change’ to select a new method.


6Account balance - add funds - creditcard




To fund your account via wire transfer

Click on the ‘Wire Transfer’ button and complete the details of your wire transfer including the amount, the bank you’re sending it from, and the name on the account.  Print the instructions if you need them, then click on the ‘Process’ button in the bottom right corner of the page.

  • Print the instructions page for the wire and take it to your bank to submit the transfer.
  • Make sure you account for any of your bank’s fees in the amount




To quickly see your account balance and transaction history click on the arrow next to ‘Account’ and select ‘Balance’.


Account balance menu

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