Adding Domains to Your Account

Whether you are selling your domains, or parking them, the first step requires that you add them to your Market account. If you do not yet have a Uniregistry account, or have not yet joined the Market, please refer to the articles below:

Copy and paste a list

The first method of adding domains requires that you copy a list from another source and paste it into the text box, one domain per line. You are not required to add prices in this step, however we highly recommend that you do. The format for adding domains with this method follows:

  • DOMAIN, PRICE (optional)


Clicking the "Check Format" button will run a script that tells you if there are any formatting errors in the list, however it isn't required to proceed with the next step in the add domains process.


Upload from a file

The second method of adding domains allows you to upload a file directly into the interface. This method is suited for users who prefer to manage a master list of inventory off platform, most likely from an Excel spreadsheet. Under the "Upload a file" tab, you can either download a pre-formatted template or upload your own file and pair the columns.


For more information on each method of adding domains, please refer to the articles below:

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