What is Documents.Link™ ?


Documents.Link™ is a free tool that allows you to upload documents to your Uniregistry account and link them to specific domains if you wish.  You might not realize the many uses for this tool until you start using it:

  • Send/forward documents by email directly to your account or domain.
  • Upload notes, legal documents or files that are connected with a particular domain name.
  • Receive scanned 'Privacy.Link™' documents sent to Uniregistry offices by post.
  • Create and save notes directly from within your Uniregistry account.



Send documents via email to your Uniregistry account or to a specific domain name


One way to upload documents to Documents.Link™ is to send an email with the document attached to [domain]@documents.link.

Example:  To upload a report about your domain unireports.photo, simply send an email with the attachment to unireports.photo@documents.link.


You can also send general documents to your account using your account ID followed with @documents.link.

Example: To upload documents to your account #123456, you would send an email with the attachment to 123456@documents.link.


View your documents at any time by selecting Documents.Link™ from the ‘Account’ drop-down menu.



Who can send documents to my Uniregistry account?

Approved email addresses in your address and billing profiles are automatically authorized to send documents to your Uniregistry account using Documents.Link™.  You may also authorize additional email addresses that are not in your contact profile(s).


1.  Click on the small gear to open the preferences.



2.  Add or remove multiple email addresses to allow mailed attachments from.  Don’t forget to click the ‘Save’ button when you are done.




Upload a document directly to a domain name from your Uniregistry account


Click the ‘Add’ button and select desired upload method from the drop-down menu.

Drag and drop files from your computer into the Documents.Link™ page to upload instantly.



Upload options

  • ‘Type a note’ allows you to create a new note for the domain name.  Simply set a title, enter the text into the window, and click ‘Save’.
  • ‘Upload files to Documents.Link™’ allows you to select and upload files to your domain directly from your computer.


Deleting documents


Check the box beside the document you want to delete and click the ‘Remove’ button.  Select ‘Delete documents’ from the drop-down menu and confirm by clicking ‘Delete.’



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