What is Privacy.Link™?


When you register a domain – your name, phone number, address, and email are entered into the public domain registration database called WHOIS.  The WHOIS database is accessible by anyone, anywhere in the world.


At Uniregistry we believe two very important things about WHOIS information:

  • Your personal information shouldn’t have to be public
  • You shouldn’t have to pay to keep your personal information private


There are many reasons (both personally and professionally) for limiting what information is shown in public records. While some registrars offer WHOIS privacy at an added cost, Uniregistry provides FREE WHOIS proxy service to registrants with Privacy.Link™.  Simply enable it for your domains* and your personal information will be masked in the public WHOIS record.

* Excludes certain domain extensions due to registry restrictions.


If my WHOIS information is private, how do I receive an email sent to that domain?


When Privacy.Link™ is enabled, Uniregistry will generate a unique “@privacy-link.com” email address for each domain, which acts as an alias for the true registrant email address, and immediately forwards your messages automatically.

It’s a good idea to whitelist Uniregistry.com with your email host to ensure forwarding messages are not being rejected by your mail server.







Will Privacy.Link™ mask all the public records of my domain name ownership?


When Privacy.Link™ is enabled for domains at Uniregistry, your real registrant information is replaced by a Privacy.Link™ record in the WHOIS.  Cached data, however, may still be displayed in some browsers and there are many services which offer historical snapshots of WHOIS data information.  As with almost all data on the internet, there can never be a 100% assurance of privacy protection, but having Privacy.Link™ enabled is a huge step in helping to reduce the exposure of your personal information.

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