Can I change my email address associated with my Uniregistry account?


Although we always encourage our customers to maintain the email address used to create their Uniregistry account, it may be possible to have the email address associated with your account changed to a different email address.

The request to change the email address used to create your Uniregistry account must be made from within your account, so we can use that as definitive authorization to action your request. This is to protect you and your most critical online assets.

While logged into your account, please create a new support ticket with the details of your request and include the new email address that you would like your Uniregistry account to be associated with.

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  • I consider it ridiculous, in this day and age, that a user is unable to alter their e-mail address for login purposes without such a hurdle. The mail service I have been using is shutting down and for that reason I am going through various (hundreds) of accounts to change to alternative mail addresses. There may be similar problems for anyone whose ISP is bought or a domain they have used is accidentally not renewed. Speed is of the essence and allowing a user to submit a change is something I consider essential. I will not be keeping future domains with Uniregistry and will transfer the ones I have away to businesses with a more flexible approach.

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