How do I set up Email and Google Suite for a domain name?


Uniregistry customers can purchase Google Suite (formerly Google Apps) to create custom email addresses for their domain names and take advantage of the powerful tools available for both personal and small business users including:

  • Gmail (email@your.domain)
  • Hangouts (live video chat)
  • Google Docs (word/data processing apps)
  • Google Drive (cloud storage)
  • Google Calendar (cloud calendar)


Subscriptions are currently priced at $49.88 per user and are billed annually.  New users added mid-year are charged on a pro-rated basis.


Steps to set up email for your domain name using Google Suite


1.  Log in to your account at by clicking the ‘Log In/Sign Up’ button in the upper-right corner of the homepage.






2.  Select ‘Manage’ from the menu at the top of the page.


Manage_Select from Menu-New





3.  Right-click on the domain name you wish to add Google Suite to and select ‘Gmail Manager’ from the drop-down menu.






4.  Click on the green ‘Get Started’ button and enter the information for your new email address. Click continue when you’re done.


Google apps get started and continue button Uniregistry updated




5.  Confirm your new email address to continue.






6.  Confirm your default address profile is the one you want to use for your new Google Suite account and click ‘Use this Address’.

To choose a different contact from your address book or create a new one, hover your mouse over the profile and click ‘Change’.





7.  Confirm your default payment profile is the one you want to use, agree to terms of the ‘Registration and Service Agreement’, and then click the ‘Start Trial’ button.

To choose a different payment profile or create a new one, hover your mouse over the profile and click ‘Change’.





8.  Click ‘Manage Google Suite’ to view your new account in the Uniregistry ‘Google Suite Manager’.






9.  You must agree to the Google Suite Reseller Agreement to activate your account.  To do this, click the blue ‘Admin Console’ button to open a new window and log into Google.  Do not close the Uniregistry window.

You may also log in to your account at any time from your browser at


Google Apps Manager




10.  Enter your email and password into the fields and click ‘Sign In’.


Google Apps Login



11.  Read the terms outlined in the Google Suite for Work Reseller Agreement and click ‘I accept. Continue to my account’ to be directed to your new email inbox.


Google Apps accept agreement


Gmail Inbox



Verifying your domain


Purchasing Google Suite through Uniregistry usually means your domain is automatically verified but occasionally you will need to verify it manually.

1.  If you need to verify your domain you will be automatically directed to the Google Suite admin console.  Click ‘Start Setup’.


Google Apps Verify Start



2.  Click ‘Begin Verification’.


Google Apps Begin verification



3.  Copy the entire code beginning with ‘google-site-verification’ to your clipboard.


Google Apps Verify - copy code



4.  Go back to your Uniregistry account window and click ‘Manage’ from the menu at the top of the page.  Do not close the Google verification window.


Google Apps - click 'Manage



5.  Click the domain you purchased Google Suite for.


Google Apps - click domain to manage



6.  Select the NS / DNS Records tab and scroll down to DNS Records.


Google Apps - NS-DNS tab



7.  In the DNS Records section, click the pencil next to the TXT record to edit the record.  Double click the old code to select it and paste the new code in its place.  Click the green ‘Update’ button and then click ‘Save Changes’ to submit the new verification code.


Google Apps Verify - paste code


8.  Return to the Google verification window and click the red ‘Verify’ button.


Google Apps Verify - verify button


9.  You will be directed to the Google admin console.  Click the grid in the upper-right corner to reveal the apps menu.  Click the envelope icon to go to your email inbox or click any of the other apps to launch.

Google Apps admin console



For assistance managing your Google Suite users or billing contact Uniregistry support.  For all other support queries, please contact Google for assistance.

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