How do I enable Privacy.Link™?


There is a public database of domain registrations called the WHOIS, which is accessible by anyone, anywhere in the world. Most registrars provide access to the WHOIS database and Uniregistry's is available at  There are also several third party WHOIS services available.

When you register a domain we collect your name, phone number, mailing address, and email for the registration in accordance with industry regulations, which proves you are the owner of the domain.

By default we will not publish your personal contact information in the WHOIS.

However, you will always be able to opt-out of privacy protection if you wish to publish all of your registrant data in the WHOIS database. 

Alternatively, you may opt-in to our free proxy registrant data service called *Privacy.Link™. When enabled, Uniregistry will replace your real registrant credentials with our proxy data in the WHOIS and assign a unique Privacy.Link email address which will automatically forward messages to your real email address** so people trying to contact you can still do so. 

  • *Excludes certain domain extensions due to registry restrictions.
  • **It’s a good idea to whitelist with your email host to ensure forwarding messages are not being rejected by your mail server.


The option you choose determines what information is published in the WHOIS database:

  • Default Privacy will remove your personal data from the WHOIS.
  • Extra Privacy with Privacy.Link will replace your personal data with Uniregistry proxy credentials.
  • Privacy Disabled will publish your real registrant data in the WHOIS.


Steps to enable™ on your domain name


1. Log in to your account at by clicking the ‘LOG IN’ button in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage.



2.  Click ‘Manage’ from the menu at the top of the page.



3.   Select the domain(s) you wish to enable Privacy.Link™ for.

Click the domain if it's only 1.

OR if selecting multiple domains:

  • Use the checkbox and drop-down menu in the header bar to select all the domains in the page or in your entire account.
  • Enter criteria such as extensions into the filters field to narrow the list displayed.
  • Enter specific domains in the ‘Search domains’ field in the upper-right corner to display only the domains you want.

Click the 'Edit' drop-menu

Select 'Edit # domains'



4.  Enable Privacy.Link

Select 'Extra privacy with Privacy.Link™'

Click 'Save Changes'



3b.  Click the eye icon next to the name you want to enable™ for.  Wait a few moments for the eye icon to turn into a shield showing Privacy.Link™ is enabled.

  • Select multiple names and click one eye icon to enable Privacy.Link™ in bulk.

*Disabling™ will disable all privacy and publish your personal registrant data in the public WHOIS database.








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