What domain name extension should I use?


Deciding which domain name to use is as exciting as it can be daunting. Often the domain you’d prefer isn’t available as it’s already owned by someone else. The good news is that with the release of new domain extensions, you’re not limited to finding a strong brand in the legacy spaces like .com and .net.


The New Land Rush

With the continued release of new domain name endings, there are now more options than ever to find the perfect fit for your brand or personality. Because the new endings offer branding in themselves, you can begin by finding the right extension and then the perfect domain.

Each of these new extensions offers a unique way to represent you or your company. It doesn’t matter why you like what you do. What matters is finding the extension that represents you best.


Aftermarket Domains

If  the domain name that you or your business needs is already owned by another party, we have an award winning brokerage department ready to help you secure the perfect brand.  Just click the speech bubble icon in your search result or give us a call to make an inquiry.

To see our full list of available extensions, check out Uniregistry’s pricing page.




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