Why is a domain name unavailable?


Many times a domain name search will reveal a domain name is unavailable for registration. If you use our search tool to look for a domain name (See ‘How do I search for a domain name?’) and that domain name doesn’t come up on the list of ‘Available’ domain names there are several reasons including:

  • The domain name is already registered by someone else.
  • The domain name has not been released for registration by the registry.
  • The domain name is restricted for registration by ICANN.
  • The domain name is premium priced.

When this happens we recommend thinking outside the box and looking at alternative domain extensions instead of the legacy gTLD’s (generic top-level domain) extensions like .com and .net. There are hundreds of new gTLD extensions available on the market that will allow you to tailor your domain name to your company or interest. You can see some of the new gTLD’s that Uniregistry carries here.

If you really want a domain that is already registered, our award-winning brokerage department can help you secure your first choice.

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