Uniregistry Market Fees

Buying a domain name

If you are purchasing a domain name through our Market, you are only responsible for the purchase price and the domain transfer fee (if applicable). The transfer fee only applies to the transaction if the seller has the domain registered at an external Registrar. If this is the case, the seller must transfer it into Uniregistry, which the buyer pays for.

  • The transfer fee will depend on the extension of the domain being purchased. For more information regarding our transfer fees, please refer to our pricing list.

Buy domain service

If you would like to purchase a domain name that is not listed in our Market, you will have to engage in our buy domain service. There is an initial fee of $59.00 for engaging our services and assigning you your dedicated domain broker. Should we be successful, you pay a commission of 15% of the agreed purchase price.


  • If you would like to get started with our buy domain service, please see this link.

Commission structure for selling a domain name

Standard commission of 25% ($15 minimum) on sales.

15% reduced commission ($15 minimum) of sales price when using GoDaddy Aftermarket supported nameservers.

Example of supported nameservers:



As a matter of clarity, nameservers ending in one of the following domains are considered GoDaddy Aftermarket Nameservers:








Nameservers must be set at the time of purchase hold and sale to be eligible for the reduced commission rate.

Fees involved with selling your domain names through our Market will vary depending on the payment method the buyer uses.

Payment Method Fees

  • There are no additional fees when the buyer pays with wire transfer.

  • If the buyer pays with a credit card or PayPal on any transaction where the sales price is between $0 - $10,000.00, an extra 3.88% will be added to our default brokerage commission.

  • Buyers cannot pay with a credit card or PayPal on a transaction where the sales price exceeds $10,000.00.

For more information regarding domain syndication, please refer to the article below:

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