What are the fees for buying and selling domains on the Uniregistry Market?

With dynamic sales options for sellers, a simple, easy to use checkout for buyers, and a secure payment system (SSE), the Uniregistry Market makes buying and selling domains fun and easy. Credit card and PayPal are accepted for transactions up to $5000.00 USD and transactions over $5K are paid by bank wire. Our “Secure Exchange” payment system (SSE) secures payment for the seller, secures the domain for the buyer and then makes the exchange. Sellers are paid out weekly. See below for an explanation of fees.


Uniregistry Market Fees Guide


Buyer Fees


Buyer only pays the agreed upon price the transfer fee (if applicable)

  • Transfer fee is required to secure domains not registered at Uniregistry at the time of sale.  The fee will vary depending on the extension


Seller Fees – Self-brokered


Buyer pays with credit card/PayPal ($5,000 limit)

Seller incurs convenience fee of 6.88% of the sale price

  • This means that if the sales price were $4,000, the seller would incur a $275.2 fee (.0688 x 4,000) and would net $3,724.80


Buyer pays with bank wire

Seller incurs 3% of the sales price (up to $5,000) + .3% of the amount exceeding $5,000

  • This means that if the sales price were $3,000, the seller would incur a $90 (.03 x 3,000) fee and would net $2,910.00
  • If the sales price were $6,000, the seller would incur a $150 (.03 x 5,000) + $3 (.003 x 1,000) fee and would net $5,847.00


Seller Fees – Brokered


Buyer pays with credit card/PayPal ($5,000 limit)

Seller incurs an 18.88% fee (15% commission + 3.88% convenience fee)

  • This only applies to deals that are $5,000 and below; anything over this amount must be paid with a wire, which only incurs a 15% commission


Buyer pays with wire 

Seller incurs a 15% flat commission



Buy It Now (BIN)

Seller incurs a 10% flat commission regardless of payment method

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  • Are thee any fees charged for simply listing a domain name for sale with Uniregistry that does not happen to sell? Thank you. - Russell

  • No fees are incurred for listing domains for sale in the Market. Fees are only applied on sales.

  • How do I know once the sale is confirmed? And how to get the payment? - Aniruddha

  • You will receive email notifications as a sale progresses through to completion. You may refer to this article for information on setting up your earnings profile to receive payment from domain sales:


  • hi Judy Singh please can you explain me about what is the mean of ( Sellers are paid out weekly )
    i hope i will get response fast with full explainations.
    thank you very much

  • Earnings for completed domain name sale transactions are processed weekly on Tuesdays.

  • जुडी सिंह जी
    कृपया हम बताते हैं कि किस चीज की बिक्री और खरीद दारी होता है क्या कमाई होती है और कौन है लोग बिक्री और खरीदारी करते हैं, हमे विवरण पूर्वक बताते हैं कि हम क्या करते हैं और कैसे करते हैं?

  • Translation:
    Please tell us what is the sale and purchase price of the earnings and who are the buyers and sellers?

  • Sale prices are determined by the seller who is generally the owner of the domain name. So the figures in this article are relative to the sale price. A buyer is anyone looking to buy a domain name and a seller is anyone who owns a domain name and lists it for sale in the Uniregistry Market. Please see our related articles below for more information.

  • Are there any price limitations? I have several dozen domains which I would like to sell for $50 each (or thereabouts). They are mostly .org, .net and .info domains. Does that make sense? I also have more valuable .com .org. .net and .info domains, of course.

  • My reading of this is that on a BIN sale the 10% commission is the full price reduction incurred by the Seller – in other words, no further reductions arising from payment by wire or credit card or Paypal will apply. Is that correct?

  • If a domain sells for $100 at BIN, then would the commission be $10?

  • "no further reductions arising from payment by wire or credit card or Paypal will apply. Is that correct?"
    Yes, this is correct. Currently, the 10% fee of BIN sales includes both transaction fees and commissions.

  • Yes, a $100 BIN sale would incur a commission of $10.

  • Hi, and if I sell a domain store.es at a BIN price of £ 50k in the Uniregistry Market then I will have to pay only 10% (i.e. £ 5k) yes?

  • And your domain broker (I think his name was Tom Aughton) told me that you have a commission for sales of 15%

  • Yes, when a broker receives an inquiry, negotiates and/or closes the deal, the sale will incur a 15% commission + transaction fees. BIN sales are automated and incur a 10% flat fee.

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