How to set up a payout method for earnings from Market Sales

When a buyer purchases a domain name from the Uniregistry Market, the checkout process is transacted through our Secure Exchange (SE) system. Once the transaction is complete, the earnings can be paid to the seller via wire transfer, PayPal, or directly to your Uniregistry Account Balance.

Earnings for completed domain name sales are processed weekly on Tuesdays.

The minimum payment by wire transfer is $250.00 USD and the minimum payment to PayPal and account balance is $100.00 USD. 

*Parking earnings will also be paid to this profile unless otherwise stated in writing to customer support.  Please note parking minimum payment by wire transfer is $500.00 USD.


How to set up your Market Earnings

1.  Log in to your account at using the ‘Log In/Sign Up’ button in the upper-right corner of the homepage.




2.  Click on the ‘Market’ drop menu at the top of the page and select ‘Market Earnings’.




3.  Click ‘Choose Default Earnings Profile’ to select your preferred payment method




Select your preferred payment option from the tabs:


4a Uniregistry Account Balance

Payouts made to Account Balance are immediately available to fund Uniregistry transactions but cannot be later transferred to other payout option.




4b  PayPal 

Select your existing PayPal payout profile and click ‘Save Autopay Setup’ or click ‘Add Payout Profile’ to create a new one.

Learn how to set-up a new PayPal profile




4c  Bank Transfer

Select your bank payout profile and click ‘Save Autopay Setup’ or click ‘Add Payout Profile’ to create a new one

Learn how to set up a new bank transfer profile




5.  Ensure Monthly Auto Pay is enabled to activate your preferred payout profile.



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