How do I change ownership for my domain?

The Registrant data for all domains must include a valid business ID.  Updates to the Registrant business ID data may include either transferring ownership or making a correction.  If you wish to make a correction, open a support ticket from within your account to submit your request. If you wish to update the ABN/ACN or TM to effect a Change of Ownership, you will need to use the ".au Ownership" tab located in your domain settings and pay the registration fee for a new 2-year registration term.


If the registration number does not automatically authenticate, open a support ticket to request manual verification.  Be sure to include the domain name and valid ABN/ACN or TM number.

The registry auDA, has the following requirements for eligible registrations set out in Paragraph 2 of Schedule C of the Domain Name Eligibility and Allocation Policy Rules for the Open 2LDs (2012-04):

a) an exact match, abbreviation or acronym of the registrant's name or trademark; or

b) otherwise closely and substantially connected to the registrant, in accordance with the categories of "close and substantial connection" set out in the Guidelines on the Interpretation of Policy Rules for the open 2LDs.

You may be required to verify your eligibilty for registration at any time.


Steps to update the ABN/ACN or TM for a domain


1.  Log in to your account at by clicking the ‘LOG IN’ button in the upper-right corner of the homepage.



2.  Click ‘Manage’ from the menu at the top of the page.



3.  Click the domain name you wish to change ownership for.



4.  Select the '.au Ownership' tab, enter the new details and click 'Save Changes'.

  • See an eligibility policy summary at the top of this article. 
  • ABN / ACN numbers will usually verify automatically in the system.
  • TM numbers must be manually verified.

If your business ID# does not verify automatically, open a support ticket including the domain name and business ID# to request manual verification. 





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