Uniregistry Market Payment and Transfer System

The Uniregistry Market has its own built-in payment and transfer system, called Secure Simultaneous Exchange, or SSE for short. The transaction types that can be completed through SSE are as follows:

  • Negotiated transactions
  • Buy It Now (BIN) transactions


Paying for the domain name is the first step in the SSE process. How the buyer gets to this step will slightly vary depending on which transaction type they are involved with. At the point of sale, buyers are presented with a payment portal where they can choose their preferred payment method. The payment methods available for the buyer will depend on the seller's settings and the price of the domain name.


Once the buyer has submitted payment, our domain transfer portion of the SSE process kicks in. This process ensures that the buyer actually receives ownership of the domain name that they bought. The mechanics of the transfer and the time it takes for the buyer to receive the domain name will depend on where the seller has the domain registered at the point of sale.

The domain is already registered at Uniregistry (internal): If the seller already has the domain registered with us at the point of sale, our SSE transfer system will automatically move or "Push" it from the sellers account into the buyer's account. This process takes a matter of seconds, meaning the transaction will complete instantaneously upon payment from the buyer.

The domain is registered at another company (external): If the seller has the domain registered with another company at the point of sale, our SSE transfer system will ask the seller to transfer it into Uniregistry upon payment from the buyer. Once the seller has initiated the domain transfer, it can take anywhere from 5-7 days to complete. Once the transfer completes, the domain will end up in the buyer's Uniregistry account.

For more information regarding the transaction types, please refer to the articles below:

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