Uni Syndication


Uni Syndication:

Uniregistry has recently teamed up with Afternic's Syndication network. What this means is that your Uniregistry Market domains will be automatically listed at over 100 re-seller partners, exposing them to over 70 million searches a month.




What if I already have domains listed at Afternic?

Domains separately listed at Afternic will continue to be managed as you currently do. The Afternic listing trumps the Uni listing so you would continue to manage your own Afternic listings in your own account unless you removed them to have them feed in through the Uni Syndication account.


What price is being syndicated?

If you have a list price it is syndicated as the Buy It Now price. Without a list price, your domains will still be syndicated, but without the ability for a buyer to immediately purchase the domain.


What is the commission for my domain if it sells via the Syndication Network?

The commission remains the same as the previous Uni syndication network, 20%.


How are syndicated inquiries assigned?

Syndicated inquiries are always brokered by Uniregistry brokers, regardless of the seller’s brokerage settings. If a seller’s domains are set to be self-brokered, and one of their domains generates an inquiry through a syndicated re-seller, the inquiry will not be assigned to the seller.


Can I opt my domains into Fast Transfer while using Afternic through the Uni Syndication Network?

Fast Transfer requires a direct account between the registrant and Afternic. Domains listed in the Afternic Uni Syndication account will currently not be able to utilize Fast Transfer. For now, if you want to opt your domains in to fast transfer you will need to continue to have a direct account at Afternic.

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