Market Migration FAQ


What happens to my Self Brokered leads if they come in after the shut off date? 

Any leads that come in after Self Brokered leads have been shut off will be routed to the brokerage team.  


What happens to brokered leads? Will they be shut off?  

Uniregistry nameservers will be directed to Afternic and leads should continue to find their way to the brokerage team. To avoid any interruption in leads or lost revenue, we strongly suggest that you switch your nameservers to Afternic prior to platform shutdown. To review the lander options at Afternic, please visit Afternic Sales Acceleration 


What about TLDs that Afternic does not support? 

TLDs that are that are not supported by Afternic will not be migrated.  


When can I expect my domains at the registrar to be migrated?  

The domain migration process will begin in May.  


I have an account balance at Uni, what happens with that?  

Payable account balances (proceeds from a sale) the account balance will be transferred GoDaddy as Good as Gold credit line. If the account balance is non-payable (received a refund or in-store credit), we will transfer that balance as in-store credit at GD. Account balance transfers will happen as a part of the domain migration (not market or parking migration).  


Will shut down at the same time as Uni Market?  



Uniregistry offers transparency into inquiries, will Afternic have a similar feature?  

Afternic Lead Center was built to provide the transparency into inquiries and is currently in beta.  


Will I be able to export a copy of my past leads?  

Yes. The migration tool will provide you with the option to export a copy of your leads.  


Can I migrate my listings to Dan instead of Afternic?  

The migration tool will only allow for migration to Afternic. If you would prefer to list your domains at Dan, you can export a copy of your listings for Uni Market and manually list them on the Dan platform. The lisitng will need to be deleted from Uni Market as well to allow you to sync the listings to Afternic through the Dan platform. Please reach out to if you require assistance.  


We have domains at Uniregistrar in extensions not accepted at Godaddy.  What will happen to those? 

All domains in your Uniregistry account will be available to be managed at GoDaddy, even if GoDaddy does not accept new registrations or transfers. 


Will Afternic have the ability to set Specific Keywords/categories for parking like Uni currently does?  

Not at this time. 


Will Afternic have a BIN/Make Offer type lander like Uni where price is visible and buyers have an option to write in? 

Afternic is actively pursuing this feature and we hope to have it available in the near future.


When you click migrate, what information migrates?

Along with the domain name, the list price (Buy it Now price), the floor price, and the minimum bid price are migrated.


If the domain is already listed at Afternic, does the price set at Uni Market supersede the price set at Afternic?

No. Prices at Uni Market do not supersede prices that have already been set at Afternic.


If I delete a domain from Uni Market, will it delete from Afternic?

If you delete a domain name from Uni Market, it will not be deleted at Afternic


I quoted prices in the past but don’t have list prices. Will my quoted prices sync to Afternic?

Quoted prices will not be migrated to Afternic.


A lot of the domains in my Uni account I no longer own/have sold. Are these all going to be added to Afternic?

If the domain is actively listed in your Uni account but not listed on Afternic, it will get added to Afternic. Our recommendation is to delete names at Uni you no longer own.


What should I do if domain names I used to own, but didn’t delete from Uni, are imported to Afternic?

If this happens, we recommend deleting them from your Afternic account.


Is there an option to download older leads from more than a year ago?

Yes, you can download leads dating back more than a year. To do this, please reach out to Uni customer support. We only provide data from the following fields: Inquiry ID, Domain, Display Domain, Portfolio, Offer, Quote, Source, Status, Created, Updated, Sold Date, and Sold Price.


Does exported data also include emails?

No, emails are not included in the exported data, as this is a customer’s personally identifiable information (PII).


Where will we find parking stats at Afternic?

Parking stats are available at Afternic by visiting:


Will keyword settings remain intact after migrating?

This is not available at this time.


Will a new payment profile need to be set up?

If you have an existing payment profile at Afternic, this will work. New Afternic accounts will require a new payment profile.


Are migrated domain names listed for sale automatically at Afternic?

Domain names will be listed automatically. If you want to ensure that domain names aren’t listed, we recommend that you delete the domain names either before or after migration.


Is there an opportunity to confirm starting the migration process?

By agreeing to the Terms of Service, you agree to start the migration process.




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