How do I configure my domain for Tumblr?

Uniregistry offers free domain forwarding via Tumblr.  This allows you to create a Tumblr account blog where you can post text, photos, and/or video and point your domain to it to create a simple and free website.

You first must create a Tumblr account at to create your new blog.  This blog will be your website, so use all of the tools available at Tumblr to create the type of website you want.  

  • The person icon at the top of the page allows you to create and name your blog.


You can find directions for connecting your domain to your Tumblr account by clicking the link below and searching "custom domain": 

  • If you require further assistance creating & customizing your blog select the question mark (?) at the top of the page to access the Help section.


Step 2 of these directions - "Create a DNS record" is done from your Uniregistry account:

  1. Log into your Uniregistry account
  2. From the Manage page, click the domain
  3. Select NS/DNS Records
  4. Scroll down to DNS records and click "Templates" then "Tumblr"
  5. Click "Update"
  6. Click "Templates" again then "Tumblr for subdomain” then "Update" again.
  7. Click "Save Changes"

* Select the 'Tumblr for subdomains' option if you are creating a subdomain such as


Then continue with the instructions on the Tumblr help page to link and test your domain.  When the test returns “ok” visitors can enter your domain in the browser and land at your blog.


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