How do I configure my domain for Google Suite / Gmail?

When purchasing a G-Suite subscription directly from Google, you will need to configure your domain for your new email account manually. 


Add Google's MX Records

Click on the 'Templates' menu and select 'Google Apps'.  Finally, click 'Save Changes'.


1. Log into your Uniregistry account and click 'Manage' at the top of the page.

Manage_Select from Menu-New



2.  Click the domain you purchased Google Suite for.





3.  Select the ‘NS/DNS Records’ tab.




 4. Scroll down to the DNS records section and click the 'Templates' menu. 




5. Select 'Google Apps' and click 'Save Changes'



Verify your domain

Google will provide you with a verification code which you must add to your domain using a TXT record. 


1. From the Google Suite admin console.  Click ‘Start Setup’.


Google Apps Verify Start



2.  Click ‘Begin Verification’.


Google Apps Begin verification



3.  Copy the entire code beginning with ‘google-site-verification’ to your clipboard.


Google Apps Verify - copy code



4. In a new browser window or tab, log into your Uniregistry account and click ‘Manage’ from the menu at the top of the page.  Do not close the Google verification window.


Manage_Select from Menu-New



5.  Click the domain you purchased Google Suite for.






6.  Select the ‘NS/DNS Records’ tab.





7.  Scroll down to the ‘DNS Records’ section and click the ‘New Record’ button.





7b. Or if necessary, click the ‘Activate Uniregistry DNS’ button then click the ‘New Record’ button.

Activating Uniregistry DNS will change your name servers to Uniregistry’s.  Be sure this is what you want to do before proceeding.  If you don’t want to change your name servers then you need to add your TXT and MX records through the portal where your name servers are located.




8.  From the ‘Type’ drop-down menu, select ‘TXT’.


Select TXT-Record-Uniregistry.png




9.  Enter ‘@’ for the domain alone or enter a subdomain in the Host (Name) field and type any text (up to 255 characters) in the Text (Data) field.  Click the ‘Add’ button to create the record.


DNS records-TXT




10.  Click ‘Save Changes’ and then ‘Close’ to return to the domain ‘Manage’ page.


DNS records-TXT - save changes


11.  Return to the Google verification window and click the red ‘Verify’ button.


Google Apps Verify - verify button


9.  You will be directed to the Google admin console.  Click the grid in the upper-right corner to reveal the apps menu.  Click the envelope icon to go to your email inbox or click any of the other apps to launch.

Google Apps admin console




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