How to submit an abuse report

Uniregistry takes reports of abuse seriously.  To submit an abuse report to Uniregistry visit ensuring you note the specific domain(s) or URL’s you are reporting, a description of the abuse and any relevant evidence such as emails (with headers revealed), screenshots, dates etc. 

DO NOT send screenshots of inappropriate imagery.

Before submitting an abuse report, please ensure the domain(s) is registered with by performing a Whois check here or in any 3rd party "Whois" (public database of domain registrations).



Registrants of Uniregistry domains displaying the™ proxy email contact in the Whois record may be contacted directly via the email address displayed and your message will be forwarded to the underlying address.


Email spam

If you have received spam from a domain registered with Uniregistry, please forward the spam to ensuring the email header is visible and the domain being reported is identified in the subject.  Be advised spam reports are forwarded to the Registrant and will include your email address so the request for removal from the distribution list may be processed.

Domains displaying a Uniregistry Market sales page are incapable of sending email.  Fraudsters will often spoof legitimate domains in an attempt to mask their identity.  Sometimes this can be verified by the email header but not in all instances.


Phone calls/ SMS and MMS spam

If you receive spam via your mobile/ cellular device please contact the operator which was used to send the message.



If you identify a website claiming to be a reputable company, asking for usernames, passwords, credit card details, or any other personal information, DO NOT enter any information into the website. Send a report to as well as to the true service provider.

Please ensure that you provide as much information as possible including a screenshot clearly displaying the entire browser window with the domain visible in the address bar and we will investigate the matter accordingly.

If you have entered any credentials into the website, contact your true service provider immediately to advise that your account credentials may have been compromised. 

If you entered any payment information into the website, contact your bank immediately and inform your local law enforcement - do not call emergency services regarding this matter. 



If you identify a website displaying malware or that is using software intentionally designed to cause damage to a computer, server or computer network send your report to ensuring you note the specific domain(s) or URL’s you are reporting.

If you have entered any credentials into the website, contact your true service provider immediately to advise your account may have been compromised.

If you entered any payment information into the website, contact your bank immediately and inform your local law enforcement - do not call emergency services regarding this matter.


Copyright infringement

Uniregistry does not provide hosting services and is not related to the content displayed at domains registered with us. If a domain registered with Uniregistry is displaying a website that is infringing on your content, please send your complaint to the hosting company and/or the registered name holder noted in the public Whois record. You may also seek DMCA notice relief through the relevant parties, submitted to the hosting company, for infringement within the US or international equivalent.


Trademark infringement/ Dispute (UDRP)

As the registrar, Uniregistry does not resolve domain name disputes. However, as an ICANN accredited registrar, Uniregistry is bound by the terms of the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), and other ICANN or registry policies, which may apply to the domain name.  For information on how to proceed with a dispute, you may refer to the policy here: or consult with a knowledgeable counsel.  We will take appropriate action if and when required under the UDRP or other applicable policy.


Suspicious account activity/ Stolen domain(s)

If you believe that a domain you own is no longer in your Uniregistry account or have identified suspicious activity please contact immediately, clearly identifying the domain name(s), account email address(es), dates, and any other relevant information.

If the domain(s) was transferred away from your account at another registrar to Uniregistry, please ensure your report is also submitted to your registrar.


Child pornography/Exploitation

If you identify a website displaying child pornography, contact, identifying the domain name and URL if required. Please do not send screenshots.  The report will be assessed by Internet Watch Foundation and Uniregistry abuse team.


Law enforcement

If you are contacting us from a law enforcement agency, please submit your request in writing on organization letterhead to  You may also liaise with the local law enforcement in the Cayman Islands, the jurisdiction of Uniregistry, the Royal Cayman Island Police Service (RCIPS) at


Other abuse situations not displayed

If your issue is not addressed above please contact with the nature of your complaint and any evidence to support it.


If you are unsure if your request is regarding an abuse matter, please contact


Further information in regards to reporting abuse can also be found at:


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