What are Uni Email and Postboard?

Uni Email and Postboard are two new products created by Uniregistry to make it incredibly simple to have a cool and unique online presence, especially for people who are new to the internet.  You access them right from the Uni app, available in the Apple App (iOS) and Google Play (Android) stores. 




When you first sign-up to Uni Email, you are prompted to select a new domain (with select Uniregistry domains available free) or enter an existing one, then choose from great email address suggestions or make your own.

Once you confirm your contact and payment data the Uni app (iOS) does all of the background work of setting up the email account. It’s like butter.




When your new email address is set up, you'll be offered to turn on Postboard. What if your website and business card had a baby? Think of Postboard as a simple, elegant page to describe and link to anything you want. With your content and our beautiful, template designs, magic happens.

Right now, we’re bundling a free Postboard with every Uni Email subscription, so you’ll not only have a personalized email address but a sweet webpage too. Wasn't that easy?




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