How do I manage my Uni Email accounts?

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How to access and manage your Uni Email accounts


There are 2 different ways to view and manage your existing Uni Email accounts.


Email Tab

1. Tap 'Email' in the bottom menu to view all of your Uni Email subscriptions across all domains.

          *Tap 'Create Another Email' to set up a new email address.




1a. Choose what you would like to manage.

Tap 'Setup this email' to view the setup data.

Tap 'Change Password' to change the password.

Tap 'Manage Subscription' to change your plan type and view your email storage status.




Domain Manage Page

Tap 'Manage' to view your domains.

Tap the domain to view its settings.

Tap 'Email Accounts' to view the email address subscriptions for that domain.

          *Tap 'Create Another Email' to set up a new Uni Email subscription for that domain.










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  • Am I able to create 'aliases' through this platform, rather than registering a new email address each time? I would assume that each new email address also comes with a monthly charge.

    Typically I have one email account and a bunch of aliases, it makes dealing with spam so much easier. Once an alias has been leaked/compromised it just gets deleted and replaced with another one.

  • Hello, thanks for your comment. Currently, Uni Email does not support aliases but it is something we will consider for future development.

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