How do I add a new email address to my Uni Email account?

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How to add a new email address to your Uni Email account


1. Create a new email address.

Log into the Uni app.

Tap 'Email' in the bottom menu to view all of your Uni Email subscriptions across all domains.

Tap 'Create Another Email' to set up a new email address.





2. Create an email address with a new or existing domain.

Select whether you need a domain or have a domain you want to use.

Tap 'Create with new domain' to create a new Uni Email account.

- OR -

Tap to select one of your existing domains for your new email address.




3. Choose your display name.

Enter your preferred first and last name to be displayed in your sent emails.

Tap 'Next'.





4. A little more information. (Optional)

Enter some more details about you so we can make suggestions catered for you.





5. Choose your email address.

New Domain

Select from a variety of suggestions with annual domain registration fees displayed.

Scroll the left and right side of the '@' sign to view the different options. 

Tap 'Continue'.

          *Select Uniregistry domains are free with your Uni Email subscription.




- OR -

5a.  Create your own email address.

Know the exact email address you want? Perfect.

Tap 'Let me make my own' to manually enter the email address you want.




5b. Choose your perfect domain name.

Select a domain name from the suggestions or enter the one you want in the search bar. 

Tap your preferred domain name.

          *Annual domain registration fees are displayed.




5c. Create your new email address.

Next, create your new email address by choosing one of the suggestions or entering your preferred username.

Tap 'Next'.





- OR -

6. Choose your email address.

Existing Domain

Tap to select one of the suggestions.


Enter your preferred email username.

Tap 'Next'.





7. Create a password.

Create a password for your new email account.

Enter your preferred password


Tap 'Suggest Password' to use a secure password suggestion.

Tap 'Next'.





8. Choose your plan.

Swipe to select your preferred monthly billing plan.

Tap 'Start Free Trial'.

         *Platinum plan supports unlimited emails & 50 GB storage.

         *Silver includes 1000 messages per month & 3 GB storage.





9. Review your order.

The last step is to confirm your order which includes your new email address, domain registration fee, Postboard account, payment method, and contact address profile. 

Your default payment method and default address profile will automatically be displayed. 

Tap 'Change' to select a different payment or contact profile.

          *Tap '+' to create a new profile.

Tap the toggle to accept the Uniregistry Terms of Service.

Tap 'Complete Order' if everything is correct.

          *Tap 'Back' to go back and make a change.





10. You're ready to configure your device.



iOS customers will see the 'Automagic email setup' screen.

Tap 'Let's get started'.

Click here to view instructions for configuring your iOS device.


Android customers will configure their device through manual setup.

Tap 'Set Up Manually'.

Click here for instructions if Gmail is your email client.

Click here if using an email client other than Gmail.

          *You can also view your receipt for this purchase.















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  • Though I'd fInd dIffIcult IE sz, on UNI Its where I'd shallow to learn about unIregIstre.

    And I'd need help for I'd am given the decIsion of the terrItorial dIrectorate of Oracle, perhaps I'm not fully engulf about IT.

    That's why I'm evIdence for help.


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  • Hi Sipho, please email and we'll be happy to help answer any questions you have. :)

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