How do I manually configure Uni Email for my preferred email client?

Uni Email is Unireigstry's new, super easy, email service available right from the Uni app.  All you need is a domain and you're on your way to email bliss. With 2 monthly plans to suit your needs and your first month free, there's no reason not to try it.

Want to use your Uni Email email address with your preferred email client? No problem. All the data you need to be up and running in minutes is right here.

Keep in mind that management of your Uni Email subscription and accounts is only accessible from the app.  But you're free to set up sending and receiving on multiple devices just like any other email.  

  • If you're looking to setup Uni Email on your iOS mobile device, follow the instructions here.
  • Got an Android phone and using Gmail as your primary mail client? Follow the instructions here.
  • Want to set up Uni Email on an Android phone that's not using Gmail as the primary mail client? Follow the instructions here.


*Make sure you sign up for Uni Email before proceeding to the steps below.


How to manually configure Uni Email for any email client


1. Initiate setup.

After creating your Uni Email account, you will be presented with your email's manage page.


Tap 'Email' from the bottom menu and select the account you want to set up.

Tap 'Manual Configuration'.





2. View your email account data.

Here you will see the technical data associated with your new email account. Use this data to manually configure any email client to your Uni Email account. 

Happy Emailing! 






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