How do I set up Postboard?

Imagine if your business card and your website had a baby. Postboard gives every Uni Email customer an online presence with a uniquely simple, yet sleek web page.

Postboard comes free with Uni Email so make sure you're signed up. Then, it's just a few simple steps to get your very own webpage live on your Uni Email domain. 


How to setup Postboard


1. Activate Postboard.

Once you have signed up for Uni Email, you can activate Postboard in the detail page of your Uni Email domain.

Log into the Uni app.

Tap 'Manage' from the bottom menu to view your domains.

Tap the domain associated with your Uni Email account.

Tap 'Postboard Page'.

Tap 'Turn on Postboard'.




2. Customize Postboard.

Fill out the information you want to be displayed in your Postboard in the 'Content' tab including profile picture, personal data, social media, and contact button links.

Tap 'Content'.

Tap 'Profile Picture' to open your phone's camera to take a new photo or select one from your photo library.

Enter your information in the appropriate fields.

Tap 'Update'.





3. Design Postboard.

Now comes the really fun part! Choose a template theme.

Tap 'Design'.

Tap the default theme photo or grid to open the themes menu.





3a. Browse themes.

Scroll to view themes.

Select from light or dark versions of each theme.

Tap 'Select Theme' to set the one you want for your Postboard.




3b. Select a background image (optional).

If your theme has a background image, you can keep it, take a new photo or select a pic from your gallery or ours to finish off your perfect Postboard. 

Tap the camera to take a new photo or browse your photo library.

Tap the photo you want to use.

Tap 'Choose'.


Tap the image or grid to browse the Uni gallery.

Tap the photo you want to use.

Tap 'Select Photo'.





4. Preview & Publish your Postboard.

Tap the eye icon to see what your Postboard looks like.

Tap 'Publish' to make your Postboard go live on your domain in minutes.




4a. Build your Postboard. 

Your Postboard may take a few minutes to get set up.  You will see the notification when it's live.





5. View your Postboard!

Visit your Uni Email domain in any browser to see your Postboard live.





Turn off Postboard

You can take your Postboard offline at any time.

Tap the cog wheel icon.

Tap 'Turn off Postboard'.





Turn on Postboard

Turn Postboard back on at ay time.

Tap 'Turn Postboard On'.






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  • Hi, I cant sign up for Postboard? the link recommending it my my account gives me a 404 error?

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  • Today I received an email about your new Postboard Mini website builder. I own approx 140 domains can I build 140 Postboard sites for $2 a month or is it for a single website only.


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