Which verification method should I use for my UniSSL Certificate?

In order for your new UniSSL certificate to work, we first need to confirm you own the domain name(s).  For Domain Validation (DV) certificates, this means employing or responding to one of 3 simple ownership verification methods.  For Organization Validation (OV) certificates, there's a little more work needed from the Certificate Authority (CA) issuing the certificate to verify the name/organization and contact credentials as well.  Extended Validation (EV) certificates have an even more complicated process to verify several other credentials.

But for now, your UniSSL DV certificate only needs to verify ownership of the domain.  There are 3 general ways to verify domain ownership for DV certificates:


DNS – Verifying ownership of your domain via DNS requires adding the record below as a CNAME to your domain. If your domain is registered with Uniregistry, we can do this for you automatically. For domains not registered with Uniregistry, you simply create a specific CNAME record in the DNS configuration for the domain. The record then shows up in a DNS query and domain ownership is verified.

Create a CNAME using the credentials below:

Name / Host / Alias


Data / Value / Answer / Destination





HTTP – HTTP verification requires you download a verification file that you then upload to a specific directory of your web host’s server. The file then shows up in an HTTP query and domain ownership is verified.

Click 'Download File'.

Upload the file to the following directory on your domain's server:


Confirm the file is externally accessible at the following URL:





Email – With email verification, the CA (Certificate Authority) sends an email to the standard generic domain email addresses – admin@, administrator@, hostmaster@, postmaster@ & webmaster@yourdomain.com.

The email has a verification link that you click when you receive the message and domain ownership is verified.



You only need to select one of the three methods so the one you choose really depends on what you have the easiest access to.  The sooner you validate ownership, the sooner your UniSSL certificate can be issued by the CA.

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