How do I purchase a UniSSL certificate?

UniSSL certificates are a must-have for anyone operating a website. With the recent changes initiated by Google Chrome, websites which do not have SSL certificates installed will be labeled as insecure in the browser. This means your visitors and customers may not know they can trust you without it.  With affordable options and various certificate types backed by one of the most trusted Certificate Authorities in the industry, a UniSSL is your best choice for domain security.

Follow the easy steps below to purchase your UniSSL certificate.


How to purchase a UniSSL certificate


1. Log into your Uniregistry account.

Click 'Login/Signup' from the upper-right corner of the page.




2. Select SSL.

Click 'SSL' from the menu at the top of the page.





3. Click learn more about SSL certificates.





4. Choose your certificate.

Click 'Buy Now' on the certificate type you wish to purchase.





5. Review your order.

Confirm the number of domains and years for your certificate (where applicable).

Click 'Confirm Order'.






Confirm your payment profile

6a. Create a new payment profile if required.

Click 'Add a new payment profile' to create a new one.

  • Then enter your credit card details and click 'Create Profile'.




6b. Confirm the payment profile displayed is the one you want to use for this purchase.

Click 'Process Payment'.

  • Click 'Change' to select a different one or create a new one.






7. View your order confirmation.

Click 'Activate Certificate' to begin the activation process.




8. Congrats on your new UniSSL certificate!

Next, view the article on UniSSL certificate activation.









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