How do I manually configure my domain's DNS for Uni Email?

Uni Email is Unireigstry's new, super easy, email service available right from the Uni app.  All you need is a domain and you're on your way to email bliss. With 2 monthly plans to suit your needs and a free trial, there's no reason not to try it.

Looking to manually configure your domain's DNS for Uni Email?  Great! Just follow the instructions below when creating a new Uni Email account.

If you don't already own a domain to use with Uni Email click here for instructions on setting up Uni Email with a new domain. 

If your existing domain is configured using external name servers you can still set up Uni Email.

  • The instructions below apply to domains which are not using Uniregistry name servers. During setup, you will be asked to either allow us to automatically update them or you will be presented with the DNS records to manually configure the domain for Uni Email.  Changing name servers will affect existing DNS. 


How to manually configure a domain's DNS for Uni Email

1. Set up Uni Email for the domain

Select your domain.

Log into the Uni app.

Tap 'Manage' from the menu at the bottom.

Select the domain you want to set up Uni Email for.





2. Confirm email setup.

Tap 'Get email now' from the banner or menu.





3. Choose your display name.

Enter your preferred first and last name to be displayed in your sent emails.

Tap 'Next'.





4. A little more information. (Optional)

Enter some more details about you so we can make suggestions catered for you.





5. Choose your email address.

You can use one of the suggestions or type anything you want.

Enter your preferred email address.

Tap 'Next'.





6. Choose your password.

The password for your new email account can be anything you want or you can use the password generator for a random, secure password suggestion.

Enter your preferred password.

- OR -

Tap 'Suggested Password'.

Tap 'Next' to continue.





7. Choose your plan.

Swipe to select your preferred monthly billing plan.

Tap 'Start Free Trial'.

         *Platinum plan supports unlimited emails & 50 GB storage.

         *Silver includes 1000 messages per month & 3 GB storage.




8. Confirm DNS Settings. 

When a domain is using nameservers outside of Uniregistry you will see a notice requesting confirmation to either change the nameservers automatically or be presented with the DNS records needed to configure the domain manually at your DNS host. Changing name servers will affect existing DNS.  So, if you're using external name servers for a website or other service associated with your domain name, click 'Show Me The Manual Settings' and create the DNS records exactly as they appear at your current web host portal. Your new email address won't work until you do this. 





 9. Review your order.

The last step is to confirm your order which includes your new email address, domain registration fee, Postboard account, payment method, and contact address profile.  Your default payment method and address profile will automatically be displayed. 

Tap 'Change' to select a different payment or contact profile.

          *Tap '+' to create a new profile

Tap the toggle to accept the Uniregistry Terms of Service

Tap 'Complete Order' if everything is correct.

          *Tap 'Back' to go back and make a change.




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