Create, Rename, or Delete a Portfolio

The Uniregistry Market allows users to segment their domain inventory by portfolios. This article will explain how to create, rename, and delete a portfolio. If you do not yet have a Uniregistry account, or have not yet joined the Market, please refer to the articles below:

Create a portfolio

Once logged in to your account, click on the "Market" tab from the top menu to access your Market dashboard.


Click the “Market Domains” tab from the left-hand menu and select the "All Domains" portfolio.


Click the blue "Domain Tools" button and select "Add Domains" from the drop-down menu.


Select "Create A New Portfolio" from the drop-down list towards the bottom of the screen.


Add a portfolio name and description (optional) and then click the green "Create Portfolio" button.


Rename or delete an existing portfolio

Find an existing portfolio under the “Market Domains” tab from the left-hand menu.


Click the "Edit" pencil icon located beside the name of the portfolio you are in.


If you are re-naming the portfolio, simply type out a new portfolio name and click the green "Save" button. If you are deleting the portfolio, click on the red "Delete Portfolio" button.


If the portfolio you are deleting contains domain names in it, you will have to first move them to another portfolio. For more information regarding moving domain names, please refer to the article below:

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