Uniregistry Market Onboarding

Once you have joined the Uniregistry Market, our built in onboarding process kicks in. This system was designed to help guide you through some important areas of your account. If you have not yet joined the Uniregistry Market, please refer to the article below:

1. Introduce Yourself

Click on the green "Update Profile" button from the first on-boarding banner card to view and add some information about yourself. Please remember to save your changes after filling out or editing your information.


2. Start Earning

Click on the green "Add Domains" button from the second onboarding banner card to access the add domains interface. For a more detailed explanation of this section, please refer to the article below: 


3. Get Paid

Click on the green "Set Payout Profile" button from the third onboarding banner card to set a domain sales or parking payout profile. For more information regarding payouts, please refer to the article below: 


*The parking payout section will not be available if you have not yet applied for parking. For more information on this process, please refer to the article below:

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