Negotiated Transactions

A negotiated transaction allows a buyer to submit an inquiry and begin negotiations with a Uniregistry broker, or with the seller directly, depending on what settings the seller has enabled on the domain name.

How do buyers purchase a domain name from a negotiation?

Once a buyer submits an inquiry on a domain name, they will be taken to a negotiation screen where they can then talk to an assigned Uniregistry broker, or to the seller directly. Who the inquiry is assigned to will depend on how the seller has the domain name configured. If the negotiation is successful, and an agreement is reached, a checkout link is created and sent to the buyer via email.

  • If the domain is being brokered by Uniregistry, the assigned broker will create and send the checkout link to the buyer.
  • If the domain is being self-brokered (the inquiry is being handled by the seller directly), the seller will create and send the checkout link to the buyer.


Buyer Negotiation Screen


Checkout Process

Below is a brief overview of what the buyer sees when they access the checkout link that has been created for them.

1. Email Received


2. Checkout Summary:


3. Create a Uniregistry account:


4. Contact Summary:


5. Payment Options:


Once the payment has been secured, and the transfer has completed, the domain will end up in the buyer's Uniregistry account under their "Manage" tab from the top navigation menu.


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