Adding Domains - Uniregistry Template

This article will provide more in-depth information on how to add domains to your account using our pre-formatted template. If you do not yet have a Uniregistry account, or have not yet joined the Market, please refer to the articles below:

Adding domains using our template

Once logged in to your account, click on the "Market" tab from the top menu to access your Market dashboard.


Click the “Market Domains” tab from the left-hand menu and select the "All Domains" portfolio.


Click the blue "Domain Tools" button and select "Add Domains" from the drop-down menu.


Click the "Upload a file" tab.


Click the "Add domains template" link to download our pre-formatted .CSV file.


Open the pre-formatted file and add your domains with the desired price and sales methods. The columns in the file are broken down into 3 sections:

  • Column 1: Domain Name
  • Column 2: Price
  • Column 3: Sales Settings

The Sales Settings require specific text, which are defined below:

  • BIN_ONLY indicates that the domain will be set with a "Buy Now" sales setting
  • OFFER_ONLY indicates that the domain will be set with a "Make Offer" sales setting
  • OFFER_AND_BIN indicates that the domain will be set with "Make Offer & Buy Now" sales settings
  • NFS indicates that the domain won't be listed for sale


  • Leave the first row (the titles) as is as this is telling our system that the columns are formatted in a specific way. The first row includes domain, price, and for_sale.

Save the file to your desktop and then upload it into our interface by clicking on the "Drop or click here to upload a text file (CSV)".


Below the file upload box, you will see a portfolio section. By default, all domains added to your account will be added to your "Uncategorized" portfolio. If you wish to create a new portfolio, click on the drop-down menu and select "Create new portfolio".


Click the "Continue" button, and then the "View domains added" button in the resulting screen to confirm that the domains have successfully been added to your account.


**Please see the PDF attachment below for more information regarding the fields and range of values accepted for the file/template upload.

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