Domain Worklists

Domain worklists allow you to find and edit a specific list of domain names in your Uniregistry Market account. This functionality works similarly to a bulk domain search, where the domains you search populate into a viewable, editable list. If you do not yet have a Uniregistry account, or have not yet joined the Market, please refer to the articles below:

Adding domains to a worklist

Once logged in to your account, click on the "Market" tab from the top menu to access your Market dashboard.


Click the “Market Domains” tab from the left-hand menu and select the "My Worklist" section.


Click the black "Add to List" button and paste a list of domains in the resulting text box. 


Please note:

  • The domains you are adding to your worklist must already be in your account.
  • This tool supports up to 1,000 domains per operation.
  • If you enable the "Replace Existing Items" toggle, all domains that are currently in your worklist will be replaced with the ones you are adding in the textbox.

Editing domains in a worklist

Once your worklist has been created, you have the option to inline or bulk edit the settings of each domain in the list.

If you prefer to inline edit your domains, simply click on a cell below one of the column headings to change the setting. Click the small refresh icon to refresh the list after your change has been made.


If you prefer to bulk update all domains in your worklist, click on the "All Domains" checkbox and then click on the black "Edit" pencil that appears.


Make your desired changes in the resulting screen and click the green "Continue" button, and then the green "Updated Selected". In this example, we will be changing the sales method on all five domains in our worklist from "Offer & BIN" to "Offer Only".


Please note that the view you are in will affect the editable fields for both inline editing and bulk editing methods.


Removing domains from a worklist

If you wish to remove all domains from your current work list, click on the red "Clear All Items" eraser icon.


If you wish to remove select domains from your current work list, check the check-boxes beside each domain and click on the red "Remove Selected" button that appears.


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