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In October of 2018 we introduced Uni Email and Postboard, two meaningful ways to make your brand heard and accessible for less than $2 per month. With the acquisition of Uniregistry by GoDaddy comes a few redundancies here and there. GoDaddy has pioneered a flexible website builder and offers easy email setup, with both of these products being used by millions of people on both desktop and mobile. This means that UniEmail & Postboard will be decommissioned on December 7, 2020. 

To help with the transition, we’ve put together some notes below on the excellent alternatives provided by our parent company, GoDaddy. If you do not wish to transition to the GoDaddy services we recommend you migrate your email address(es) and your website to another platform before the decommission takes place.

Note: As you are a UniEmail subscriber you will benefit from a special pricing at GoDaddy of $5.99 USD for the Office 365 Email Essentials plan that is cheaper than the price of UniEmail. The renewal after 12 months will be honoured at the same price.

Note 2: We have provisioned a GoDaddy account to you, therefore, you don't need to manually register with GoDaddy.

Please follow the instructions below carefully to ensure a smooth transition of your UniEmail inbox:

1. Login to Uniregistry by visiting https://uniregistry.com/ and clicking on "LOG IN".


2. Enter your account email and password and click on "LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT".


3. Click on "START HERE" for the product you want to transition.

(This step will take your GoDaddy account automatically logged in, on a new browser tab)



4. Your GoDaddy account will open in a new browser tab and you'll be automatically directed to the Office 365 product page where you can buy the plan with the free migration. Click on "Start My Migration".




5. Enter your UniEmail address and click on "Continue".




6.  We advise to select the option "Log in from a web browser" for an easier migration and then click on "Continue".




7. Click on "Continue".




8. Enter your UniEmail address and your first and last name and click on "Continue".


9.  Review your order and click on "Continue to Checkout".




10. Enter your payment method and click on "Save".



11. Enter the promo code UNI2GD2020 in the promo code option before clicking on "Checkout". The price of the subscription will change to $5.99 USD. Then click on "Checkout".




12. Confirm the purchase by clicking on "Complete Purchase".



13. Now you just need to wait for GoDaddy to migrate your UniEmail inbox to your Office 365 inbox.


IMPORTANT: We advise you migrate your email before the 22nd of November 2020 to allow time to GoDaddy to migrate your email before the 7th of December 2020 (UniEmail decommissioning).

If you have any problems with the migration, you may call the GoDaddy Office 365 migration team on +1. (480) 463-8719 

















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