In May of 2018 we introduced UniSSL, a meaningful way to make your website more secure and trustworthy online. With the acquisition of Uniregistry by GoDaddy comes a few redundancies here and there. As GoDaddy offers a wide range of SSL Certificate plans, we decided it was time to say good bye to UniSSL. 

We recommend you transition to GoDaddy before your UniSSL Certificate expires. To help with the transition, we’ve put together some notes below on the excellent solutions provided by our parent company, GoDaddy. 

Note: As you are a UniSSL subscriber you will benefit from a special pricing at GoDaddy. 

Note 2: We have provisioned a GoDaddy account to you, therefore, you don't need to manually register with GoDaddy.

1. Login to Uniregistry by visiting and clicking on "LOG IN".


2. Enter your account email and password and click on "LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT".


2b. Click on "Find out more" on the banner located at the top of the page.


3. Click on "START HERE" on the UniSSL section.

(This step will take your GoDaddy account automatically logged in, on a new browser tab)



4. Your GoDaddy account will open in a new browser tab and you'll be automatically directed to the SSL Certificates product page where you can purchase an SSL Certificate with discount.





5. Enter the promo code UNI2GD2020 in the promo code option and click on "Checkout".




6. Enter your payment method and click on "Save".



7. Review order and complete checkout by clicking on "Complete Purchase".




8. Access your SSL Certificate on the following link: 




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